The Most Common Dating Sites Types And Who They Target

There are thousands of dating sites on the internet today. While some are general, and all are invited, there are some particular dating sites that target specific groups of people. These dating sites have narrowed down the people they target either by location, ethnicity, religion, age and other specific classifications. Here are the main types.

General dating sites

This category holds the most dating sites today. This is because everyone is invited to post their profiles as well as browse the members already there for matches. Here you will find every kind of people from all backgrounds without a limitation to age, location, sexual orientation, personalities, ethnicity or religious persuasions. It is generally for people who are looking for a mate from a pool of a diverse range of people from all over the world.

Senior dating sites

This type of dating sites targets a more mature membership. This is because seniors have different circumstances than much younger people. The age requirements differ from one site to the other. While some sites refer to seniors as anybody who is over the age of 65, there are sites that classify 40-year-olds as old enough to join the seniors club. As the so-called baby boomers age, they want to be hooked up to other baby boomers, and this has led to the growth of sites in this category.

Location-oriented sites

These are location specific sites where the targeted membership is from a specific country, region or even down to a particular city. This category is popular with people who want to find their matches not so far from where they are. This category tends to have the ability to organize group activities since creating a crowd is not difficult if you are looking for people close to the location of such activities.

Religion-specific dating sites

These are sites whose membership is derived from the followers of a certain religion or even narrowed down to certain sections of that religion. For instance, you will find Christian dating sites as well as Catholic sites. These sites are popular with singles to who hold as important the religious persuasions of their potential mates. You will have dating sites for Jewish singles, Moslem singles, Hindi singles and such specific classifications.

Ethnic-specific dating

These are sites that target membership from people of certain cultures. Here, they will want to feature profiles of people from specific ethnic groups. They are more common with minority groups who prefer dating people from their own cultural or ethnic background.

Miscellaneous dating sites

These are the other categories that are different from the normal sites. Examples include adult dating sites, plus-size dating groups, single parents’ dating sites and so on. They are all dating sites, but each caters to a specific category of singles.

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